12 Pack of Hybrid - Rare Chilli Seedling Plants x 1

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12 Pack of Hybrid - Rare Chilli Seedling Plants x  1
12 Pack of Hybrid - Rare Chilli Seedling Plants x  1
12 Pack of Hybrid - Rare Chilli Seedling Plants x  1
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This Pack includes One each of the following

  • Mustard Mama - Apocolypse Red Bhut Shape - BBG Scorpion - Choc Moruga Brains
  • DM Choc BhutlahReaper x Carbonero Choc - Clavo Peach x Pink Tiger
  • Carboruga Red - Carbon Bhut x BBG - Jays Choc Ghost
  • Naga Bon - Caramel Bhut x Cayenne


  • Conditions for growing Superhot Plants during the winter - ideally in a warm tray with good access to light
  • All chilli plants must be kept above 5c - indoors during winter until spring is warm enough to go into a tunnel/greenhouse
  • All plants will be shipped via DPD courier during the winter time - wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed, they must be opened the same day of delivery and repotted - keep above 5c minimum, if you can let them grow in a warmer climate they will grow quicker
  • We will ship on days that are ideal - Monday to Thursday only, if you have a preference of a day please let us know. We will not ship on nights we feel are just too cold

We can ship to some countries in the EU depending on the delivery times available, we will let you know if you order or contact us here to discuss


Chilli Seedling Plants can take time to grow especially superhot type which are used to tropical climates all year round

Get ready for Spring by growing these superhots chilli seedling plants as soon as possible

Over winter is ideal as the roots will grow and you will repot before Spring arrives enabling the plant to be ready to grow lots of foliage, flowers and pods as early as possible providing the best chance of good harvest

All chilli seedling plants will be dispatched in protected blister packs ideal travelling, any damage or issue with the post will be sorted, we get very few problems but chilli plants being chilli plants the odd damage does occur during a season

We have our very useful guide on growing here

If you have any chilli plant growing questions just say - Ask Steve by contacting us here


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