Pequin Chilli


Pequin is a highly underrated chilli, found growing wild in North Mexico / Texas

Mexican/Texan cuisine is known for its heat, in chilli terms most are very low in heat but Pequin is the hardened cowboy of chilli heat

Earthy flavour with huge heat especially for such a tiny chilli

Pequin plants are great producers but the harvesting so labour intensive its not the most widely available chilli

If you want heat though these little pequin devils are up there at 80k-100k or vindaloo heat, so yes hot!

Perfect for any hot dish, especially tex mex, bbq or just seriously hot baked beans aka cowboy style

Hot Heat 80kSHU

Can used to create a marinade or straight into a sauce with the hydration but still providing texture

The pods are whole and include the seeds, however due to the drying process the seeds are sterilised and it is very doubtful a seed will germinate

Each Dried Pod weighs approx 0.2g

Use either crushed up or as is in your food

Grown in Mexico