Harissa Red Pepper Sauce 190ml


Harissa in a classic wonderful sauce originating in Tunisia but quickly spreading throughout North Africa and Middle East for its awesome flavours

Harissa is made from simple ingredients, thrown in quality and you get a deep fruity naturally sweet flavour

Harissa can be used as dip, in sauces, stews, soups, with rice and couscous, meat and veg, basically if you like it can marinate your sunday roast or add to mayo for a chip dip on friday night

Warm heat, not too hot to taste leaving a slightly hotter sensation at the back of the tongue surrounded by wonderful zesty fresh flavours

Burning Desire Foods provides a scientific and art approach to their sauce making

Made in small batches carefully watched over by chief sauce maker skilled in the practice of sauce making for over a decade, creating a healthy sauce low in salt and high in natural flavour with no added preservatives or additives, just natures bounty - the way we like it!

Heat Level 2 - See our Guide Here

Ingredients : Red Peppers, Serenade Chillies, Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Apricot Puree, Rapeseed Oil, Lemons, Clementines, sea salt, spices and rose water

Best before it typically 12 months from date of purchase