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Komali Placera Corn Wraps 10cm - 400g

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Komali Placera Corn Wraps 10cm - 400g Image by SPICESontheWEB
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Komali has that flavour you can only get in market places in Mexico

Known as tlaxcalli in ancient times, tortilla has being a staple food in ancient Mexico since 3,500 years ago.

10cm in Size, 400g pack provides approx 30-35 Wraps

The nixtamalization process that tortillas go through significantly enriches the nutritional value of maize as a source of vitamins, minerals (calcium) and protein.

How to warm them: Open the package, warm them on a pan. When warmed in microwave, put some in a lightly damp clean cloth, put inside a plastic bag and warm for approx. 30 seconds.

Ingredients: Corn flour, water, salt, acid regulator calcium hydroxide (E526) and stabilizer cellulose gum (E466).

Gluten Free!

Made in Germany

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