Moruga Scorpion Chilli Powder


The Moruga Scorpoin chilli has been tested at over 2m SHU which puts it at weapons grade food!

What gives us the great heat is specific to the climate the moruga chillies are grown in, and our chillies are grown in the best environment possible, being grown by people who know what they are doing

This will create a seriously hot flavoursome moruga scorpion chilli, and we are proud to offer you the best experience possible

The moruga chillies aroma and flavour is outstanding, full of fruity chilli goodness and the heat will be with you for a while giving you those wonderful endorphins afterwards

The only difference between whole and powder is ease of use and texture within your dish, for quick use I use powder, for weekend cooking sessions its whole pods, always ensure to get your chilli powder from reputable sources

Grown in USA