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Yule Single Origin (Mexico Tejao) Coffee

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Yule Single Origin (Mexico Tejao) Coffee Image by Hasbean
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It's the most wonderful time of the year! And for the seventeenth year, we're celebrating the festive season the only way we know how - with tasty coffee!

For 2023 we've decided to do things slightly differently to last year and instead of offering two different festive blends, we've created one blend (because we know you all love a Christmas blend!) and are also offering this delicious single-origin coffee we feel really celebrates Christmas in a wonderfully caffeinated way.

It's traditional in Scandinavian countries to select a special single-origin coffee each Festive season as Yulekaffe, the coffee of Christmas, and we felt this would be a fantastic idea to adopt to showcase an incredible single-origin coffee alongside our own tradition of creating a delicious festive blend each year.

Nothing says the flavour of the festive season for us like sitting down and eating perhaps what some might say are too many sweets and chocolates - so this cup full of jelly tots felt like a perfect fit.

It's also an absolute favourite coffee for us, a wonderfully complex and juicy lot year after year. This is because of the amazing work that Ensambles (our Mexican export partners) do in the Mazatec region of Mexico, where they invest in the producing community. Ensambles sent a team to live in the region during harvest season to work with producers in 2021 and their process is now run by a local woman, Osiris, who apprenticed with them the first year. Working together and investing in communities to produce great results for everyone from coffee growers to coffee drinkers also feels like a great thing to celebrate at this time of year!

In previous years we've allocated an amount per bag of our Christmas blends to charity but this year we're doing things a little differently. Instead of linking our festive charity donation exclusively to sales of our Christmas coffees, we're offering you the option to donate with every order of any item. A pop-up window will appear during the checkout process and you'll be offered the chance to donate.

This is a big, sweet mouthful of jelly tots! Candy sweetness up front gives way to pops of orange, strawberry, lemon and lime in this exceptionally clean and complex cup.

Delivery Times : To ensure all coffee is as fresh as you possible can get we do not stock ourselves, Hasbean is based on the same estate as ourselves, if you order we will order and pick up, this may delay shipping your order by a day depending on when you order

We offer coffee roasted in different forms that suits your favourite way of making coffee :

Beans - Roasted and ready to be freshly ground by you, for those that like to take their time

Cafetiere - Fill and sit down ready when you are

Filter - For the coffee machine enthusiasts who just need coffee always ready to go

Expresso - Roasted and ground for those that want or need a good punch of coffee

Jug - The classic coffee drinker who like to brew up on the stove


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