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Peru Lali Guevarra Rosalita Catuai Coffee

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Peru Lali Guevarra Rosalita Catuai Coffee Image by Ozone
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Coffee Flavour : Chocolate, Brown sugar, Cherry drops, Blackcurrant, Apple


Lali Guevarra is a member of the Agua Azul producer group. This microlot was selected after we visited her and her family in August 2023. Whilst there, we went to the farm (a steep climb up from their house in the village) and her husband pointed showed us her coffee plants. He mentioned that some of the plants seemed identical to the other Catuai plants, but have a some reddish streaks to the mucilage of the fruit.

We've not seen this before, nor had Pepe, our exporter, so we asked them if they could separate them so we could compare how they cupped. We ended up scoring this lot a little higher on a blind table than the main lot, so this is what we have! We found the flavour profile a little more complex with more red fruit notes.

A full sweetness of chocolate and brown sugar is balanced by a hit of cherry drops on the crisp finish, with a little shoulder of blackcurrant and apple in the background.

Farm Information
Country: Peru
Region: Cajamarca
Producer: Lali Guevarra
Mill: Agua Azul
Altitude: 1,890 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Rosalita Catuai
Processing method: Washed

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