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As for most of us I search for food I like, food that is heathy for our long term and food we can afford. With so much processed food being made cheaply it is hard to ignore especially when it is designed to trick with high salt and sugar content fooling the taste buds and brain into thinking its satisfying, 30 mins later after processed food your stomach is telling a different story, there is simply no food satisfaction with processed food!

Reason being the food is so low on good spices herbs and chilli it is not proper food at all, it will provide substance but I don’t recommend it. As my search for proper food progressed from a weekend treat to all week and ending up a total obsession I encountered more and more growers of like minded people who allowed the plants to mature properly, processed correctly and sent through the supply chain without delay to provide the freshest Spices, Herbs and Chilli nature can grow.

I found flavour, I found aroma – I found proper natural food! I am happy to share what I have found and continue to find around the planet so we can all share in the ure delights of Nature’s Bounty, when we let her do the magic and be patient we get Aroma, we get Flavour, we get Food Satisfaction as we are supposed to

I started by buying 1kg of Naga Chilli in 2010, learning from a great Chilli Master Pete Seymour what was what with chilli, growing into a business in 2011. Since then we have traded and learnt our trade making our passion into an daily obsession for good food, speaking to people all over the globe and learning what was needed to produce aromatic spices

Within this time, we have changed our branding to incorporate all of natures bounty, how could we choice one and not the other! Gaining a high reputation for quality, freshness and ultimately good food

This is why we have customers returning every year to enjoy in these delights from the cook at home to the chef to food producers who all follow their nose and use our Spices Herbs and Chilli

Hope you enjoy Nature’s Bounty



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