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Pondicherry Fermented Black Pepper 50g

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Tellicherry - Malabar - Pondicherry, some of the most famous peppers in the world, the pondicherry though seems to have fallen through the cracks of recognition, it shouldnt be it is up there with the best pepper

Found growing in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India (where we get Madras from) with perfect growing conditions of rain combined with sunny 28c days and fertile soil, this always lets nature grow the best food

Growing in the higher lands at around 2600m and harvested just before ripe then dried in the sun to produce a full bodied peppercorns that goes great with grilled meat, fish and veg

Fermented pepper is produced by taking freshly harvested fully ripe peppercorns, which are repeatedly turned in moist natural sea salt and dried in the sun

Grown in India

Grinder Use - Yes

Mortar and Pestle Use - Yes

Packed in Unit that handles - MUSTARD - CELERY - SESAME


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