Hungarian Noble Sweet Paprika


Hungary is the Home of Paprika with the home of Hungarian Paprika being Szeged

As with all crops grown they can be grown quick and wrong or slow and right, we only source our spices from growers who allow nature to mature fully providing maximum flavour

Our Hungarian Paprika is grown fully allowing us to call it Noble Sweet Paprika, the very best original paprika

The majority of paprika sold in the EU comes from Spain, commercially grown, since Hungary has been in the EU commercial farms have grown

Paprika means sweet pepper and while there is a little heat in all sweet peppers it is so small it is not noticeable, Hungarian paprika is no different

1 Teaspoon of Hungarian paprika is around 10g in weight, usually 1/2 teaspoon is enough for 2 meals

We can show you sales and reviews all day long, friends of mine are Hungarian, when their parents are over visiting they insist on our Hungarian paprika and take it back with them, so we have thumbs up approval of a genuine Hungarian Mother who will not use anything else in their Goulash (they do say my goulash needs work though:)

Grown and Ground in Hungary