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Montreal Meat Seasoning - No Salt

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Elevate your grilling game with our Montreal Steak Seasoning, a classic blend inspired by the famous steakhouses of Montreal

This robust mix starts with the bold, peppery kick of Black Pepper, complemented by the savoury richness of Garlic.

Coriander and Dill Seeds add a unique, aromatic layer, while Smoked Paprika introduces a smoky, slightly sweet depth

Perfect for steaks and other grilled meats, this seasoning enhances the natural flavours of your dishes with a well-balanced, mouth-watering profile

Experience the authentic taste of Montreal with every bite, and make your meals unforgettable with our Montreal Steak Seasoning!

Ingredients : Black Pepper Garlic Coriander Dill Seeds Smoked Paprika 

Nutritional Info Per 100g
Energy 1209 Kj
Calories 289 Cal
Total Fat 8 Grams
Saturated Fat 9 Mg
Polyunsaturated 20 Mg
Monounsaturated 12 Mg
Sodium 264 Mg
Potassium 1344 Mg
Total Carb 63 Grams
Dietary Fibre 26 Grams
Sugar 8 Grams
Protein 13 Grams

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