Banasura Highlands Pepper 50g


Paradise on Earth is one of the ways to describe Banasura Highlands in India, where time seems to stand still

Famous for its Banasura Sagar Dam, a natural dam that allows the local community to farm wonderful food, one of them is the Banasura Highlands Pepper

Due to the local climate the the pepper plants have evolved into a unique species growing at least 12 meters tall compared to normal 3-4m high, the strain derives from Karimunda and Pannivur pepper

Harvesting usually takes place in Late March when the berries have fully ripened and then left for another two weeks to maximise the flavour and aroma as nature intends

Due to the location, hand sorting as said time does not move quickly here the harvest is limited to around 2 tons per year and will not increase, kudos to the community for sharing the land and not destroying it

When available enjoy an intense flavour and high aromatic bigger than usual black peppercorn

Grown in India