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Cascabel Chilli Flakes

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Cascabel Chilli Flakes Image by CHILLIESontheWEB
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Cascabel Chilli is a wonderful mexican chilli providing a nutty type flavour, deep colour of crimson red and low heat

Delicate in nature, best to use as the primary chilli, other mexican chillies can over power the flavours

Cascabel skin is very tough, for a thin walled chilli it is quite surprising how long it takes to soften, both soaking before and simmering, to find in flake crushed form even rarer but so welcome to make life easier

The whole form is also known as the rattle chilli, the large empty space created inside, dried so the seeds fall inside the chili becomes a baby rattle

The whole chilli is used par the stem, the flakes includes the seeds

Grown in Mexico


Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy kcals 324
Energy kJ 1355
Protein 10.6g
Fat 5.8g
of which Saturates 0.8g
Carbohydrate 69.9g
of which Sugars 41.1g
Fibre 28.7g
Sodium 91mg


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