Habanero Chilli


Habanero for all Chilli heads, now we are getting close to proper heat, Vindaloo curry is rated at 100k SHU, Habanero Chilli is rated at 350,000 SHU - 3 x hotter in one chilli pod

Most chilli is for flavour and upto 30k shu or madras curry heat, habanero chilli has distinctive fruity flavour with the bags of heat

Habanero originally evolved in the Caribbean but grown commercially in Mexico

One habanero pod weighs approx 1g each

Habanero can be used to create a marinade or straight into a sauce with the hydration but still providing texture

The pods are whole and include the seeds, however due to the drying process the seeds are sterilised and it is very doubtful a seed will germinate