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Mexican Oregano

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Mexican Oregano is a wonderful herb cultivated in Mexico

Mexican farmers for so many generations created a plate full of spices herbs and chilli that marry together so well

Big shocker though, Mexican Oregano is not Oregano, it is related a few evolved generations before, as with so many spices over the years a mixture of names and understandings have created names of spices that refer to their flavour and not plant genus types

Mexican Oregano is actually Lippia graveolens, a flowering plant similar to oregano, tomato tomarto, what is a name with food, when it smells and tastes sweet citrus herby flavour then to us its Mexican Oregano

Mexican Oregano is a wonderful flavour infused with other cuisines but when married up with our Mexican Chillies the flavours stand up to the wonderful strength of Ancho, Pasilla, Chipotle to name a few

Grown in Mexico

Nutritional Values : Mexican Oregano dried leaves,
Nutritive value per 100 g.
(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)
Principle     Nutrient Value     Percentage of RDA
Energy     306 Kcal     15%
Carbohydrates     64.43 g     49%
Protein     11 g     19.5%
Total Fat     10.25 g     34%
Cholesterol     0 mg     0%
Dietary Fibre     42.8 g     107%

Packed in a Unit that handles Sesame Seeds, Mustard and Celery



Customer Reviews

33 reviews

  • 5

    Mexican Oregano

    Posted by Trevor on 13th Oct 2023

    Where I live oregano is a main herb but this is a great addition to my pantry

  • 5

    Nice, fragrant herb

    Posted by holly lawson on 14th Jul 2023

    Good quality herb. Very fragrant and worked well in my Mexican dishes.

  • 5


    Posted by Mise on 25th May 2023

    Brilliant & authentic

  • 5

    Best oregano going

    Posted by Ben on 13th May 2023

    This is honestly the best oregano I've ever found. Full of flavour and heavy citrus notes. Can't recommend enough

  • 5

    First time user

    Posted by Si Allan on 2nd May 2023

    I had heard a lot about using this instead of european Oregano from Guy Fieri on DDD, the difference is surprising and fairly subtle ish it has that lovely Oregano smell but is sweeter and a lovely citrus tang, like all Traditional Stews Casseroles etc I leave them overnight to allow the flavour to grow, my first Con Carne with it was one of my best ever add a good 70%+ chocolate and it just worked its magic better than ever before. Highly advise you give it a whirl if you love your Mexican Chillis

  • 5


    Posted by Andy Loughran on 21st Mar 2023

    Wow! This herb is so fresh tasting and packs a massive hit when cooking meals from scratch.

  • 5


    Posted by Liz Vincent-Fernie on 17th Feb 2023

    The best dried oregano you can buy in this country!

  • 4

    mexican oregano

    Posted by alun roberts on 11th Nov 2022

    good flavour

  • 4

    mexican oregano

    Posted by alun roberts on 11th Nov 2022

    good flavour

  • 5

    You NEED this oregano if you make Mexican food!

    Posted by Kris on 19th Sep 2022

    Everything arrived in beautiful condition and the scent of the box was obvious even before we'd opened our parcel! Really fresh, everything is great quality. So grateful that you deliver to Finland as this is not easy for me to get here! Thank you!

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