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Oak Smoked Paprika

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Oak Smoked Paprika Image by Spices on the Web
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Paprika is infamous for being the bench mark of sweet peppers

Paprika evolved in Hungary producing consistent sweet pods to the point it is one of the main characters of their national dish

When smoking food, the type of wood used will leave its own unique flavour of smoke behind

This is oak smoked paprika providing a deep and very much oak aroma and flavour to the wonderful paprika

Use in traditional Goulash to add a flavour variation or simply add to the other famous dish of Paprika Chicken for a smoked open fire flavour

The only difference between whole and powder is ease of use and texture within your dish, for quick use I use powder, for weekend cooking sessions its whole pods, always ensure to get your chilli powder from reputable sources

Grown and Smoked in Spain

Paprika Nutritional Info per 100g  Calories 289g   Total Fat 13.0g   Saturated Fat 2.1g   Polyunsaturated 8.3g   Monounsaturated 1.2g   Trans Fat 8221mg Sodium 34mg   Potassium 2344mg   Total Carb 55.7g   Dietary Fibre 37.4g   Sugar 10.3g   Protein 14.8g   Packed up in unit that handles MUSTARD - SESAME - CELERY




Customer Reviews

53 reviews

  • 5

    Oak smoked paprika

    One of my favourite spices , excellent quality & Service

  • 5

    Smells divine

    Lovely smoky rich flavour, really good quality.

  • 5

    Fast delivery

    Fast delivery,quality products as always.

  • 5

    Beautiful, quality spices and brilliant service

    First time buying. Bought some of our every day spices and some new ones to have a try. Everything was absolutely beautiful and infinitely better than the supermarket bought spices we already had in the stock - the difference was astounding. You can tell the quality is superb with beautiful vibrant coloured spices and lovely strong scents which have filled our house since they arrived (an added plus!). We have made the ajam panggang chicken recipe and also the jerk chicken so far - two thumbs up, both very tasty. Order came quickly and very reasonably priced, especially for the quality. Will definitely be buying more in the future - some of the best spices I've ever had.

  • 5

    Fabulous products

    They gave me great advice on spice blends and the spices are absolutely excellent. Great service, would highly recommend with no hesitation whatsoever.

  • 4

    The website seems to have a good range. The items I ordered arrived quickly

    Good range. Prompt delivery. Value for money.

  • 5

    Great spices. Great service.

    Smashing range of spices that you can buy in 'sensible' quantities (i.e. not little bottles where you are probably paying more for the bottle than for the spice it contains) and quick delivery. Highly recommended to all spice lovers and their aunts, uncles, grannies, grandpas, children, children's children, Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all :-) <3

  • 5

    You won't get better

    The service is first class - the spices are always on time and well packaged

  • 5

    Highly recommend

    Made 3 purchases for my sons for Christmas all were dispatched the same day as the orders were taken. I also used them for myself a while back, great customer service. Like the resealable bags the herbs and spices are packed in.

  • 5

    Fabulous flavors, great service

    I live in a chili deprived country. I was thrilled to find I could get fabulous quality chilies delivered to my home through this website. And over time, it has been a pleasure buying other spices and flavors as they become available.

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