Hardening Chilli Plants

Hardening Chilli Plants

This is especially prevalent process that all chilli plants need to go through

As more often than not chilli plants are started indoors or in a heated greenhouse due to the climate of the UK

As a result of the improved environment they grow up in they need to be prepared for growing outside - if you plan to grow in doors for its life cycles it is still advised to go through this process as it will provide a bushier plant with more pods

Within the leaves there are cuticles which are a waxy compound that covers the plants leaves

This helps to control the rate of transpiration of water and helps to prevent the plant losing too much water - this aides the plant to circulate the water and feed around its system providing feed when and where it wants it

This waxy substance also helps to provide a barrier to any airborne bacteria, disease, rain or dirt particles that can damage the plant

By providing this process and ensuring that plant hardens up will speed up the process of growth and provide a much better crop

Plants from dry climates such as Chilli Plants don’t have an easy time of completing this process, where as they will happily grow the waxy substance and harden themselves up, evolving in dry climates has made the plants natural process take a little longer

So growing chilli plants in the UK it really needs to be encouraged to complete this process


When to do this?

The plant on the left is starting to grow its third tier of leaves, once they have formed a little bigger then I recommend you start to place your plants outside

Choosing the right day is very important, a sunny day is the first ingredient, not too windy - a nice gentle breeze is ideal

Spraying your plants with a fine mist during this time outside is also recommended as it is simulating rain without the harshness of rain drops which can be particularly damaging

On the first day just try a few hours at a time building up to a full day outside - Place out in the morning and bring back in the evening

This always depends on the weather at the time of course

The UK Weather is the UK Weather

At the early time of year when seedlings are grown and being in the UK picking an ideal week is near on impossible so I use a lacy cloth or a fibrous cloth that you will find in any decent nursery centre - very cheap to buy

This is used as you can see in the pics to cover the plants up and protect from rain drops, wind and insects

I place close to the house wall to help protect from the full force of wind and rain to start with and then take them out during the day and by the end of the week they will spend all day outside

If you don’t have space outside and will be growing indoors for its life cycle then not to worry about this as it will still occur naturally but will take a little longer

The cloth protects against the biggest destructive force at this stage - the wind!

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