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1 x Easy Pepper Grow - Nutrient Feed for Chilli Plants 250g

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A very popular question we get is what do I feed my plants and how often, well we get this sorted

Introducing our own fertilizer mixture in the form of pellet "balls" giving the best nutrition to your chilli plants providing controlled release fertilizers

Provides chilli and sweet pepper plants with complete carefully balanced nutrition during their growth, from initial propagation through all the cultivation stages

Preventing any disruptive shortages or any situations of oversupply that can impair growth and health

Based on potassium nitrate and the best source of potassium for plants. The potassium is absorbed by the chilli plant easily and more efficiently than any other potassium source, which ensures that the plant enjoys an adequate supply of the potassium essential for its strength and health

Superb Purity creates a higher efficiency of nutrient uptake by the plants. Increased rates of water soluble, plant-available phosphorus and lower rates of sulphates, ensures an adequate supply of essential nutrients throughout the growth cycle

Powerful Micronutrients contains an improved form of the essential plant micronutrients, including iron in the form of EDTA chelate

With better access to iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum, and boron, plants can reach their growth potential and look their best

Proven controlled release technology the release of nutrients is consistent and successful, nutrients release accurate and controlled at pre-determined rates

The N-P-K value is 15 - 9 -15

They are designed to slowly release nutrients over an 8 month period

Use 1 level teaspoon and mix into the fresh compost for the starter - 9cm pot before planting the plug, make sure the roots do not come into direct contact with them, as the plant grow roots it will find the nutrients and use them as they need, as you water once a week on average to start with they will slowly release

When you pot up add 1 level tablespoon for a 5 litre pot - 2 tablespoons for 10 litre and half a tablespoon for 2 litre

When the plant gets into summer months and podding, you can add chilli focus to the water cycle to maximise your harvest

Pack size is 250g, good for a few dozen plants feed for the next 8 months

Once the plants are potted up its just a question of adding water as and when need - not daily



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