Ancho Chilli - Grande - Primero


Ancho chilli is the most sold chilli in Mexico, when you have the right ancho its not surprising

Ancho should be sweet berry flavours with a drop of heat, there are several grades of Ancho chilli available

Just plain Ancho is the lowest grade, grown wrong and processed wrong making this a bad tasting chilli

Mediano Ancho is getting better but hit and miss with its flavour being distant, usually hotter too

Primero or Grande are the Anchos you want to eat, the full sweet berry flavour is foremost with low heat being just above sweet pepper

When cooking with the correct ancho it enhances the flavour and aroma of any dish or sauce and you will appreciate why its the most sold chilli in Mexico

Ancho Grande come in several sizes during the year, late Spring the pods are smaller at half the size of your hand, in recipes this is classed as 1 whole pod, height of summer ancho is the size of your hand and classed as 2 whole ancho pods

You can use part of a pod depending on your needs, just cut what you need

Each Ancho Pod weighs approx 8g-15g

You can hydratre chilli by clicking on this link

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