Oriental Spice Pack


The Oriental Spice Market covers a huge selection of influences

This pack provides the backbones of most of those flavours so all you need is some meat, veg noodles or rice for an awesome meal

Can cook in any oriental dish, but just as good in any other food, so why not try some infusion cooking

This Pack includes

Lemon Grass Powder 50g Chinese 5 Spice 50g, Star Anise Ground 50g, Star Anise Whole 20g, Cloves Ground 50g, Cinnamon Cassia 50g, Ginger Powder 50g

Indonesian Blends 50g ea of Ajam Pangang, Opar Ajam, Sate Ajam Ikan Goreng and Atjar Tjampur

Chinese Bullet Chilli Powder 50g and Sichuan Facing Heaven Chilli 20g to add some heat

Perfect gift or treat yourself and experience the most aromatic flavoursome spices on the planet

Create your own stir fry’s, oriental curries or infuse into any meal, it’s all good food!