Tex Mex BBQ Spice Pack


Bored with the processed bland stuff from the supermarkets and want to make your own food for your BBQ or just Winter Grilling?

Look no further, this pack can be added to any meat in any form and it will bring your guests flocking for more!

Variety of heat and flavour to give diverse uses, can be used as single ingredient or combine for further flavour explosions. All powder to provide ease of infusion and marinating

Mix some ancho into butter for Corn on the Cob add some arbol for extra heat : Mix in Guajillo into your burgers for simple Mexican flavour – true Mexican flavour! : Smoked Paprika marinating chicken with lemon juice – smokey goodness – awesome! Amarillo is fruity and hot – perfect for dip making

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Mix and match for a great flavour sensation

In the Pack you will get

Chipotle Chilli Powder 50g : Ancho Grande Chilli Powder 50g : Chilli Con Carne Seasoning 100g : Cumin Ground 100g : Guajillo Chilli 50g De Arbol Chilli Powder 50g Cool Fajita Seasoning : Pinto Beans 250g : Amarillo Chilli Powder 50g : Cajun Seasoning 100g : Smoked Paprika 100g : Carolina BBQ Rib Seasoning 100g

Enjoy the best flavours to add to meats and veg and enjoy natural food