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Hangijao 5 - 10 Chilli Seeds

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Chinese Space Hangijao 5 Chilli Mature Plant Image by CHILLIESontheWEB
Chinese Space Hangijao 5 Chilli Seeds Image, Chillies on the Web
Heat Guide to Hangijao Chilli Plant by CHILLIESontheWEB
COTW - Hangijao 5 Chilli Seeds - 10 Seeds
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Chinese Space Hangijao 5 Chilli Mature Plant Image by CHILLIESontheWEB
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CHILLIESontheWEB Quick Growing Guide to Hangijao chilli plant

Ideal Growing : Tunnel - Greenhouse - Difficult indoors due to poor humidity causing flower drop off (see our guide here) : Outdoors requires the plant to be hardened first - see our chilli hardening page here

Easy to Grow : Experience is advised

Easy to Germinate : Only with a heated propagator

Top Growing Tips - Do not over water, Do not over feed - Chilli Plants love oxygen and sun more than water and food

See our full growing guide here

Expert chilli growing advice from Steve - Just contact us here

This is a very unique in the chilli world and up there with the strangest types of plants that can be grown.

In the 1980s the Chinese started to send up seeds into Space to expose them to the environment and strong sun rays, these type of experiments have been done many times and every day man is in space a new experiment is being performed on food, US and Russia have all tried these type of experiments.  However the Chinese have managed to perfect the method to get viable seeds.

The interesting part is they have managed to alter the genes of the chilli seeds and grown completely new types of Chilli Plant.  I am told some of the plants genes have been removed/deleted in this space process and as you can see from the pictures the plants produce huge crops with very thin stems.  The seeds have been sown and plants grown to produce these seeds, the seeds are taken from 5th generation plant, so will be stable being a strain and not a hybrid.  Seed germination rate has been tested and achieved at least 80% with ease.  We are selling these seeds either individually or in a complete collection of one of each - 10 seeds per packet

In terms of flavour and heat we have no idea at this stage - seeds in for growing our first crop as well, but suspect they will range from low heat salad types to 30k-50k cayenne type heat.  However all exciting to see how these chillies grow and taste - I can’t wait!  We have a comprehensive growing guide and we will always be available to get advice from over the entire length of the plant life and then some

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    HANGIJAO 5 Chilli Seeds

    Posted by Dave Storey on 22nd Mar 2024

    Have sown these particular Chinese space chillis before. They are one of ten variety of seeds from space born tests from China. The number 5 is the tastiest of the bunch. Heat level is 4,000 to 10,000 Scoville units , depending on length and warmth of the growing period.

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