Chipotle in Adobo Sauce 215g


Chipotle in Adobo Sauce is mentioned all over Mexican - American - Texan - BBQ food for a good reason - it tastes great with an meat or veg - preferable used with both is our advise

Our smoked, ripe Jalapeños are canned in a rich tomato based adobo sauce to enhance their earthy flavour and to preserve freshness

Ingredients : Chipotle Peppers (55.8%), Water, Tomato Paste (7.9%), Salt, Sugar, Onion, Acetic Acid.

Gross Weight 255g, Contents weight 215g

Nutritional Information for Chiptole in Adobo Sauce per 100g
Energy    42 kJ / 10 kcal
Fat    0g
of which saturates    0g
Carbohydrates    4.3g
of which sugars    2g
Protein    1g
Salt    0.6g

Produced in Mexico