Hot Lava Carolina Reaper Chilli Oil 300ml


Take the world hottest chilli, Carolina Reaper and allow to infuse in rapeseed oil with roasted garlic lemon and herbs - strained to leave a pure oil and you get one wonderfully hot flavoursome oil

As with all our spices, only the very best make it on sale, the sauce we offer are no different - the flavours are our flavours and infuse with perfection from a master sauce maker

Add to pizzas, mayo, grilled fish, seafood, grilled meats, marinades and stirfrys, do not use to fry before other ingredients are in the pan - you will appreciate this!

Heat Level Superhot - See our Guide Here

Ingredients : Cold Pressed rapeseed oil, carolina reaper chilli, garlic, lemon, thyme, oregano, aleppo chilli and birdseye chilli

Best before it typically 12 months from date of purchase