Return Policy

There are rules that cover this for distance selling, as we are 100% committed to our product, service and ultimately your satisfaction, we want to ensure you get the best from our product, so if there is ever a problem or query with any process of your experience with us and spices herbs or chilli please contact us to help sort out the problem

We respond to questions daily, and most hours of the day, so we assure you we will help 

If you would simply prefer to return an item or the full order to us please do so within 30days of receiving your order and will refund in full or send out a replacement at your request, please contact us prior to assist with this

We do reserve the right to request an item to be returned to us if delivered faulty, if the product is bad or ruined in anyway, we want to ensure the fault is found and cured for all safety concerns, where upon such action is requested, we will refund the cost of post and packaging in full, your time for posting and either refund or replace the item at your choice

We also reserve the right to ask for photographic evidence, emailed to - Again this is so we can learn and cure the problem, and also if we need to make a claim against a delivery contractor, they always require photographic evidence.  This will be upon agreed basis between both parties if such a problem arises

We want you to talk about us positivity, and even if a problem occurs, we will handle it quickly and efficiently, to your satisfaction so even though a problem did happen, you will still talk about us positively

This company has been built on this promise and will continue as we started to provide you the best experience with the best food in the world

Steve Alexander