Curry Gift Box


The Curry Gift Box

Love Curry? Know somebody who does love Curry? This is the box for them

9 Packs of our most loved Curry Mixes all in one gift box

In the Curry Pack you will get 100g each of the following seasonings

Cool Chicken Tikka - A must for any curry lover

Chicken Tikka - The classic with a little heat

Kashmiri Masala - Sweet Indian Chilli blended with love and spices to create a wonderful very low heat masala

Punjabi Masala - Hot, somewhere between Vindaloo and Madras

Naga Masala - Serious hot blend from one of the hottest chillies in the world

Curry Powder - The classic blend from Victoria England still used today

Madras Powder - Another Classic blend of Curry Powder and Cayenne Powder

Vindaloo Powder - The original blend made famous in the UK

Garam Masala - Where would the base of any curry be without Garam Masala

All blends contain No Salt or Sugar - Just spices, you add how much salt and type and you add any sweetener to the dish, you do what you like to the curry, we add the backbone of flavour

Use in any curry dish or veg and or meat, even baked beans, all packs comes with instructions on how to use