Ultimate Spice Pack


The Ultimate Spice Pack

Spices Herbs and Chilli from all over the world delivered to your door

In this pack you will get  1 x Oriental Spice Pack  1 x Indian Spice Pack  1 x Mexican Chilli Pack 1 x Bonus Spice Pack

From East to West and stops along the way for other herbs and spices, you will spice up your food for many months to come with the contents :


Lemon Grass Powder 50g Chinese 5 Spice 50g, Star Anise Ground 50g, Star Anise Whole 20g, Cloves Ground 20g, Cinnamon Cassia 50g, Ginger Powder 50g

Indonesian Blends 50g ea of Ajam Pangang, Opar Ajam, Sate Ajam Ikan Goreng and Atjar Tjampur

Chinese Bullet Chilli Powder 50g and Sichuan Facing Heaven Chilli 20g to add some heat 

Indian Spice Box


Chicken Tikka Masala : Kashmiri Masala, Naga Masala and Punjabi Masala Blends, each 50g Packs - all no salt seasonings just pure flavour


Corriander Seeds and Ground 100g each : Cumin Seeds and Ground 100g each : Turmeric 100g : Kaffir Lime Leaves 5g : Black Peppercorns 50g : Cardamom Ground 50g : Curry Leaves 10g : Bay Leaves Ground 25g : Malabathrum Leaves 10g


Kashmiri Chilli Powder 50g (Sweet Heat)

Cayenne Powder 50g (Madras Heat)

Naga Bhut Jolokia Chilli (Superhot Heat)

Mexican Chilli Pack

20g Cascabel 20g Ancho 20g Pasilla 20g Mulato 20g Guajillo 20g  De Arbol 20g Chipotle 20g Mexican Oregano

Bonus Pack

Turkey - Sumac, Aleppo and Urfa Chilli Flakes, Turkish Oregano : Paprika - Smoked Paprika, Hungarian Sweet Paprika, Oak Smoked Paprika and Hot Oak Smoked Paprika L: To finish off 100g ea of Himalayan Pink Salt and Sea Salt Course

All 4 Boxes delivered by Courier

Long Best Before Dates of at least 18 months on all spices, will last longer on the shelf if they stay on the shelf that long

A truly incredible gift or treat yourself, if you like cooking and making proper food these spices will provide joy to your life