Naga Bhut Jolokia Chilli Powder


Naga is the chilli of chillies, started a chilli revolution – Cheers Pete!

Naga Bhut Jolokia translated into English is Ghost Pepper

Naga has been tested and rated at 1m SHU – see our guide for how hot this is but trust me its hot

Comes with an infamous 10 minute burn which gives this chilli a longer than all chilli I have tried

Strong fruity flavour with over tones of pure heat

Naga powder is very fine, it will create a reaction just breathing in, while we say spices should sing to your senses from the aroma, naga powder will make your senses hate you with a passion - it is that good!

To get the best from chilli heat up and simmer for a few minutes to release the oils that make this a great hot chilli

The only difference between whole and powder is ease of use and texture within your dish, for quick use I use powder, for weekend cooking sessions its whole pods, always ensure to get your chilli powder from reputable sources

Grown in Nagaland, Ground in Nagaland, See our lads dry and process our Naga Here