Salt Free Seasonings

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  • Want to have freedom of choice how much salt you put in your food?
  • Still want great flavours and easy cooking?
  • Want a Special 10% Off any order of our Salt Free Seasonings?
  • Look no further for the Best Salt Free Seasonings & Blends!

 Why Salt Free Seasonings? For years I ate bad food that I thought tasted great but with all the salt and processed synthetic flavours I did not realise I was eating bad food, but chilli saved my life as it opened my eyes to what good food is. How flavour is all natural all good for you, now salt does enhance the flavour of the food, but it seems that salt is being used as the main flavour, this is madness!

Salt causes medical conditions - Fact!

Salt causes other medical conditions to worsen - Fact!

And yet in mass produced food we find layer upon layer of salt, it is a chemical that needs to be controlled, you eat your food so why not choose to have your food how you want it! You put the right amount of salt in your food for you. So here we offer you the chance to still make life easy for yourself by having pre-made seasonings using our finest freshest herbs, spices and chilli that we are known for with No Salt!

All salt free seasonings are made fresh, so we typically have stock made for a few weeks, from stock that is fresh on the shelf and for the majority freshly imported, all this freshness gives you fresh salt free seasonings!

Cook as you normally do and sprinkle the type and amount of salt in the dish while marinating or cooking and enjoy the best of everything without the side effects

We cater for all heat tastes, but still some chilli, we are Chillies on the Web after all, low heat to hot heat, all balanced blends to enhance any dish you cook, easy to use and not a salt grain anywhere near

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*Can be used once and good for any product listed*

Looking for ever popular Tex Mex / Mexican Seasonings with no salt?

Chili Con Carne Seasoning 

Salt FreeTaco Seasoning

Fajita Seasoning

Indian Seasonings more your thing all salt free blends?

Naga Masala Seasoning

Kashmiri Masala Seasoning

Salt Free Chicken Tikka

or Beef is the order of the day then why not try our Canadian Steak Seasoning with no salt

A touch of Salt Free Cajun Seasoning Instead?

Touch of sunshine- Caribbean Classic Salt Free Jamaican Jerk Blend













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