Mexican Chilli Powder Pack


How to sum up Mexican food in one word – Awesome!

The flavours of this food has been painstakingly cultivated over many many generations of talented farmers and we get to enjoy their lifes work in one simple pack

Create Traditional Dishes or your own or infuse, however you use these wonderful flavours they will create a taste sensation you will miss without

In the Pack you will get

Chipotle Chilli Powder

Where would Mexican food be without Smoked Chilli Powder

Adds a wonderful natural pecan smoked flavour to any meal

Ancho Chilli Powder

Probably the most widely sold chilli in Mexico and becoming a firm favourite in the EU and rest of the world

With its sweet pepper flavour and Mexican overtones of slightly wood smoke finish it compliments veg and meat dishes a like

Low Heat around 2500 SHU

Pasilla Chilli Powder

Cultivating a plant requires taking the seed from a parent whole pod that has the flavour and heat you are after and repeating over and over again to strengthen the flavours

The Pasilla chilli is such a chilli, the sweetness has been grown into a raison flavour from a chilli

Sweetness a low chilli heat as you would expect from Mexican Chilli

Low Heat around 5000 SHU

Habanero Chilli Powder

For years one of the hottest chilli with very distinctive flavour

Add a little at a time, this chilli is rated at 350k SHU - 3x hotter than a vindaloo

Wonderful fruity flavours if you can get past the heat

Guajillo Chilli Powder

Pronounced Gwah Hee Hah, it takes practice

Don’t let the name warn you off though, as with all Mexican Chilli the Guajillo has been cultivated by generations of master famers

Tannic and Spicy in flavour, goes great with all vegetables and meat dishes

Low Heat around 7500 SHU

De Arbol Chilli Powder

Mexico is known for hot chilli, but most are mild in comparison to superhot chilli, the de arbol however is not a mild chilli

Cayenne in nature so similar to the Indian type but with Mexican heritage

Lovely consistent colour throughout the pod, adds a warming note to any food

Low Heat around 7500 SHU

Mexican Oregano

Oregano is Oregano – Wrong! Where you grow creates a different flavour

To stand up to the flavours of the chilli, the Mexican oregano is strong herby version

Wonderful strong flavours that will compliment any meal, if you like you flavours you will like oregano

Mexican Epazote

Widely used herb in Mexico for its wonderful flavours and lets just say Bean "Effects"

To be used a little at a time this woody stemmed herb is very hard to break down, using in a dish it is advised to use a spice bag or similar, its worth the effort!

Each Pack contains 1 Pack of each chilli and oregano/epazote

In a 20g pack you will get 4 packs of 20g, 50g 4 packs of 50g and so on