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Urfa Biber Chilli Flakes

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Urfa Biber Chilli Crush Image, Chillies on the Web
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Urfa Biber Chilli Crush Image, Chillies on the Web
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If you read other descriptions you will hear me talk about sweet berry flavours

Urfa is no different so why we sell something with the same flavour – because its not, just as a raspberry is not a gooseberry they are still berries

Urfa is an awesome sweet chilli with a touch of natural smoke flavour and low in heat

Adds a unique and wonderful flavour to any dish or sauce, mixes well with cheese, uniquely well in any infusion cooking such as pasta dishes

Urfa Flakes make it easy to use while providing easy texture

Low Heat around 7500 SHU

This Chilli has been dried and flakes for ease of use, if not using the whole chilli or hydrating the whole chilli, then flakes are ideal for this use

Can used to create a marinade or straight into a sauce with the hydration but still providing texture

The Chillies are de stemmed and no seeds so you get 100% Chilli

The chilli is then dipped in oil and salt to help preserve and enhance the flavour

Ingredients : Urfa Chilli 99.5%, Vegetable Oil, Salt

Grown in Turkey

Packed in a Unit that handles Sesame Seeds, Mustard and Celery



Customer Reviews

27 reviews

  • 5

    Urfa Biber flakes

    Posted by Mike Stoneham on 15th Jul 2023

    These are excellent. Clearly fresh as they are moist and smell fantastic and they have loads of flavour. Much better in recipes than dried chilli flakes.

  • 5

    Urfa Biber Chilli flakes

    Posted by Amanda on 30th Jun 2023

    A mild heat with a distinctive sweet and smoky flavour. This goes with all sorts. Cheese egg, your favourite tomato sauce. A little cheekily sprinkled on a salad, try it on strawberries a bit like you woukd with black pepper or even on a slice of bread and butter by itself. Can you tell that this has become a staple?

  • 5

    urfa biber chilli flakes

    Posted by John Marshall on 16th Jan 2023

    This was my first purchase of these. They have a very chocolaty coffee aroma. Since I got them I'm using them in everything (roast potatoes, casseroles, scrambled eggs, soups, chillis) They are very umami. Well recommended.

  • 5

    Urfa Chilli flakes

    Posted by Lezli Rees on 4th Aug 2022

    Absolutely the best Urfa flakes to be found. Wonderful for Turkish meatball and kebab recipes. I love these so much and the quality is always excellent.

  • 5

    Honest quality and value

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Dec 2021

    I am a repeat customer. Great range of products at fair prices which come safely packed. All goods received have been thoroughly fresh. Despatch is quick. I always recommend this firm when posting on cookery forums.

  • 5

    Urfa Biber Chilli Flakes.

    Posted by John on 10th Sep 2021

    Full of flavour, I order this Chilli Flake on a regular basis

  • 5

    Great product

    Posted by Joan Ransley on 16th Aug 2021

    Great product, goof price and efficient service

  • 5

    Speed and

    Posted by John Baxter on 16th Aug 2021

    Speed and efficiency. An excellent service for a product not always easily available.

  • 5

    Good service

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Aug 2021

    Good service and our second order of these proper flakes.

  • 5

    Fast. Efficient

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Aug 2021

    Fast. Efficient. Tasty

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