Bamboo Salt 50g


If the pursuit of your food intake is pure clean and provides a satisfying feeling then this is the salt to use!

The origins of Bamboo Salt date back to Korean Buddhist Monks who cooked the natural sea salt inside bamboo tubes, they would bake it up to 7 times, the baking process of salt increases the mineral content and intensifies the flavour, this the wonderful Monks considered a wonderful seasoning to their diets that help with purification and being one with nature

Who are we are to argue!

Today the process of baking is controlled temperature and backed just once, any further controlled baking intensifies the mineral content too much

Even with controlled conditions this salt is not made in mass production, small production only so stocks are limited and come in and out of stock all year round

Use as a special occasion when the table of food is fitting for the wonderful history of this salt

Produced in South Korea