Chilli Con Carne Seasoning - No Salt!


To start, the awesome meal of con carne is a hotly disputed recipe, for me there is no answer other than it is what you like that matters

This seasoning has been created to provide a back bone of flavours that I think just work so well together mixed with mince

From here you can add your own mix and twists but the flavours from these chillies will never disappoint you or your guests who will lap up every mouthful

For me though finding a good blend is not always easy and not always natural!

Over the last few years I have started to reduce the salt in my food, especially when I started to read the amount of salt that is some seasonings, it is just mad to put Salt as either the main ingredient or high enough that it is just salt with some flavour

Our blends and seasonings have no salt in them, so there is no fooling the senses, just pure natural chilli, herbs and spices so you get the best flavour possible on this planet and you control what salt you have, just 100% pure flavour from us

Fry your mince and onion as normal and mix in a tablespoon 20g of seasoning per 400g mince, you can add more seasoning if you like, but this is I think is a good balanced strong flavour, if you like it weaker simply add less and build up till your desired levels

Ingredients: Smoked Paprika-Mexican Oregano-Ancho Grande-Jalapeno-New Mexico Red-Cumin-Thyme-Celery Seed-Bay Leaf-Garlic Powder – No Salt!

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