Jamaican Jerk Seasoning - No Salt!


What are the main flavours of Jerk, what should be left behind on your tastebuds? For us it is a great blend of nutmeg, allspice, sweetness and the classic thyme with a great backdrop of heat as you would expect from Caribbean Cuisine but not over powder for most people

Marinate 250g of Chicken Breats in the juice of one lemon and 2-3 teaspoons of seasoning (20-30g) or Marinate Chicken Thighs in again 1 lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of seasoning on the skin and leave for 2hrs to 48 hours

Add the level and type of salt you like, but adding lemon juice creates that flavour of salt already so you do not need much if any at all

Cook the chicken as normal on skewer or tray on the BBQ, grill or oven and serve with rice, beans chips - its all good! Very Good

Cook chicken as normal and add rice to create a great heated flavoursome chicken meal

Ingredients : Pimento (allspice),  Thyme, Paprika, Course Ground Black Pepper, Habanero Chilli powder, Nutmeg, Ginger, Garlic, Onion

Produced in UK

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