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El Salvador Finca Nejapa Roma W Coffee Image by Ozone

El Salvador Finca Nejapa Roma W Coffee

Kč332.04 - Kč1,479.34
Coffee Flavour Lemon Lime Brown Sugar and soft Raspberry Gloria Mercedes Rodríguez Fontan is a name you will probably recognise from a coffee we've had every year for many years, the always awesome...
Costa Rica Don Mayo La Ladera Coffee Image by Ozone

Costa Rica Don Mayo La Ladera Coffee

Kč332.04 - Kč1,479.34
Coffee Flavour Deep Fudge, Ripe Banana Sweetness Pablo Bonilla is the owner of La Ladera farm, which grows Caturra and Catuai coffee varieties. The farm has a unique topography, with Catuai thriving...
Costa Rica Don Peter Coffee Image by Ozone

Costa Rica Don Peter Coffee

Kč343.89 - Kč1,331.11
Coffee Flavour Purple grapes and pomegranate, complemented by a creamy undertone Lorena Vindas' farm Don Peter in the Western Valley of Costa Rica is managed by her and her husband. A fairly small 3...
Brazil Nova Alianca Coffee Image by Ozone

Brazil Nova Alianca Coffee

Kč337.97 - Kč1,036.13
Coffee Flavour : Chocolate praline, caramel, toasted hazelnut Juliana Paulino da Costa Mello is the 5th generation of her family to be involved in coffee production and together with her...
Paramount Blend Coffee Image by Ozone

Paramount Blend Coffee

Kč308.32 - Kč1,154.72
Coffee Flavour : Cacao nibs, Dark chocolate, Roasted nuts Paramount is our carefully developed answer to a darker roasting profile, with a complex depth of flavour. This blend is a balanced,...
Half Caff Coffee Image by Ozone

Half Caff Coffee

Kč323.14 - Kč1,125.07
Coffee Flavour : Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Biscuit All the flavour – half the caffeine. Half Caff delivers a delicious and moreish cup made with a 50/50 blend to provide a half-caffeinated...
Thailand Doi Pangkhon Natural Coffee Image by Ozone

Thailand Doi Pangkhon Natural Coffee

Kč441.73 - Kč1,568.28
Coffee Flavour : Plum, Treacle, Orange Our sourcing partners Beanspire have been working in Doi Pangkhon for 7 years now. Doi Pangkhon, in Chiang Rai, has 300 households, each typically producing...

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Chipotle in Adobe Sauce Image by SPICESontheWEB

Chipotle in Adobo Sauce 215g

Kč77.67 - Kč1,175.17
Chipotle in Adobo Sauce is mentioned all over Mexican - American - Texan - BBQ food for a good reason - it tastes great with an meat or veg - preferable used with both is our advise Our smoked, ripe...
Habanero Chilli Image, Chillies on the Web

Habanero Chilli

Kč50.40 - Kč2,613.01
Habanero for all Chilli heads, now we are getting close to proper heat, Vindaloo curry is rated at 100k SHU, Habanero Chilli is rated at 350,000 SHU - 3 x hotter in one chilli pod Most chilli is for...

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